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Not Just Livelihoods. is an industry backed staffing and employment platform for the hospitality sector that's being co-built with the National Restaurant Association of India. If you have a hotel or restaurant and would like to join our beta launch, sign up below and our team will reach out to you with the next steps.

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With travel and dining-out now back with a bang, the hospitality industry is expected to account for 60 million jobs over the next few years - That's 8% of India's workforce. There has never been a better time to join this industry. has partnered with India’s best hospitality brands to help fast track your skilling and recruitment while also offering exclusive financial benefits.


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Is a Career in Hospitality For You?

 A stint in the hospitality industry can be the best job you’ll ever have. If you are a people's person, are hungry to learn and experience different challenges, then a career in hospitality is for you.


You Have an Eye For Detail:

A fast-paced environment requires thinking on your feet, patience and focus. It will also help cultivate the habit of doing things the right way without cutting corners. The demands and nature of a fast-paced hospitality job will always put you in the ‘zone’. It will also put a smile on your face after a day’s work.


You Like to Make People Happy:

In the hospitality business, its always about people. You will start to develop a serve-first mentality as you encounter different types of personalities everyday. From the gentle, to the irate and everything in between, dealing with all kinds of people will instill a sense of utmost professionalism and courtesy which you would take with you wherever you go.


You're Open to Diverse Opportunities:

Hospitality careers offer many diverse career paths – starting as a hotel reception trainee can lead to being front office manager, then sales and marketing and so on.The industry also abounds with examples of hospitality professionals moving into other sectors where their skills in customer service, communications, attention to detail and soft-skills are highly appreciated.

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The Future of Recruitment

The platform uses blockchain, machine learning, AI, and multimedia to deliver an interactive platform for accurate job matching, video & audio interviews, authenthication & verification and remote onboarding quickly. Skilling

Skilling & Financial Inclusion

Beyond just providing a job we provide skilling and future proofing your career. The platform provides a suite of value added financial services like salary advances, income assurance and other benefits from ecosystem enablers around travel, housing and commerce